Trumpets In The Sky

Strange trumpet sounds are being reported worldwide coming from the sky.

Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch in Northern Utah, U.S.A - Most Paranormal Hotspot On Earth.

Black Holes

Do Black Holes really exist? What and where are they? - The truth is out there.

strange trumpet sound
black hole1

The Mothman Mystery

Point Pleasant West Virginia - The True Story.

Astral Projection

O.B.E - Out Of Body Experience. We don't need to die to try it.

Rendlesham Forest

December 26th 1980 - Suffolk England. Britain's Roswell.

point pleasant
skinwalker ranch

Latest News

Up To Date Paranormal News

New Photos Of Roswell - Proof Of E.T Life
New photographs have been released which were taken between 1947 and 1949 of the Roswell case in New Mexico. The photographs were taken by Bernard Ray on Kodachrome film.
An Audience of 10 000 people paid $350 to attend the presentation in Mexico City on May 5th 2015, which revealed photographs which some experts believe look similar to those of Egyptian mummies.
UFO specialists believe the photos to be genuine as photographic experts have dated them at a time well before the model of the archetype extraterrestrial that we know today existed.

Have You Recorded Any Paranormal Evidence? Submit Your Recordings.

Here at we are always looking for new evidence of the paranormal. If you have any footage that you would like to share with us then please send it by clicking the link below. This could include any video footage, photograph's or E.V.P's (electronic voice phenomenon), that you may have captured.
All submitted files will be viewed before publishing and all published files will be accompanied by a review and study report on the uploaded file.
We will endeavor to publish all files sent in to us , but on some occasions they may be rejected for publishing. This may be because of obvious hoax attempts including people under white sheets or paper plates hanging from threads. In fact we may even create a best of paranormal hoaxes page some day.