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'Controlling The Out Of Body Experience'

Astral Projection or Astral Travel as it's also known, is an ever growing phenomenon that dates back thousands of years. Many ancient cultures relished the idea that the soul can leave the body at will and hover outside of it. In fact there are even certain parts of the bible that mention the silver cord which many astral travelers report seeing being attached between them and their astral body.
So what is Astral Projection? Astral projection is basically an out of body experience or O.B.E for short. Many people confuse the term O.B.E with an N.D.E, which stands for 'Near Death Experience'. The two are very similar but the N.D.E occurs when the person involved briefly dies after a traumatic incident. This may include anything from a car accident to a heart attack. The person is then revived and is left to tell their story.
Astral projections can happen spontaneously and this can be very frightening to anyone not familiar with them. We all experience them at night when we are asleep and it is for this matter that most people don't remember them. It is when we consciously project that things take a whole new twist. There are a growing number of people throughout the world now who willingly practice Astral Projection.
The trick to successfully achieving an O.B.E is to keep your mind awake while your body is asleep. When your body is so relaxed but your mind is awake you may soon start to notice several strange things happening to you. You may notice strange swirly patterns starting to form behind your closed eyelids. You may hear unusual noises like loud bangs or peoples voices. You may start to feel vibrations throughout your body and your heart may start to pound as if its about to jump out of your chest (this isn't actually your heart its your heart chakra causing this). You may sense a feeling of movement or parts of your body floating. It's about this point that people who are experiencing it for the first time may get scared and break away from their attempt at astral projection. The sensations you feel can be so overwhelming the fist time that its hard to carry on. The truth is though that these feelings will pass when you exit your body.
There are many technics that can help you achieve an O.B.E., but far to many to mention them all. Most of these technics involve the idea of movement. You could for instance imagine your on an elevator descending rapidly. This may just be enough to bring on the O.B.E. Another technic is the rope trick were you imagine a rope hanging from your ceiling and you reach out with your imaginary arms and start to climb.
Another method some people use is auditory aids. This comes in the form of listening on stereo headphones to Binaural Beats or Hemi Sync. This is basically sounds and tones played at slightly different frequencies to each ear which in turn creates a third unique tone. Some people find this practice very helpful in inducing O.B.E's.
When the symptoms of an O.B.E occur as mentioned above, it is at this point you should be able to leave your body. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply just roll out. You have to just roll your astral body out of the physical one. If successful you may be startled to see yourself lying on your bed with your eyes closed.
So what do people do when they are out of body? Flying is a popular thing to do but this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can walk through walls, visit friends or relatives (dead or alive), or even travel to other planets. It is also possible to heal yourself or other people while out of body. You may encounter other astral travelers as well. You may also meet other entities some good and some not so nice.
After you experience your first O.B.E (which could take 5 years of trying but some people can achieve it within only a few attempts), your next attempt should be much easier. You will have past the fear stage and are ready to continue exploring. Eventually you will start to recognize certain signs as your lying relaxed in bed and know when it's time to start your latest adventure.
It may take lots of practice, hard work and time to achieve your first Astral Projection, but the first time it happens to you, it will change your life forever.
Safe Travels.
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