Rendlesham Forest

December 26th 1980 -Suffolk England


United States Air Force personal stationed at the twin Royal Air Force bases Woodbridge and Bentwaters, were alerted around 3 a.m. to strange lights descending into Rendlesham Forest which is located close to the two bases.
The servicemen in question including Lt Col Charles Halt (Deputy Base Commander), assumed that the lights were the result of a downed aircraft.
The servicemen decided to investigate and when they reached what they thought was the area of impact they discovered not an aircraft as expected but a glowing metallic object surrounded by colored lights.
As they came nearer to the object it began to move through the forest avoiding trees and causing animals at a nearby farm to go into frenzy.
When the sun came up on the morning of the 26th the servicemen returned to the same area only to find three impressions in the shape of a triangle as well as broken branches and scorch marks. (Local police at the time dismissed the ground impressions as being the result of an animal.
December 28th 1980
While visiting the same site to take radiation readings at the point of the triangular markings, servicemen noticed a flashing light to the East. Not long after this three star like lights appeared in the sky (two to the North and One to the South just above the horizon). Lt Halt also said that these lights appeared to beam down a stream of light every now and then, and that the brightest of these lights were visible for around 2 hours.
Binary Codes
One of the three servicemen who discovered the triangular craft on December 26th 1980 was Sgt. James Penniston who was 26 years old at the time. As he approached the craft he noticed strange sensations occurring including the absence of sound and the apparent slowing down of time ( this included difficulty in moving). He also felt a kind of static feeling apon his skin and hair. He described it as if the air was electrically charged.
The craft itself he described as having multi colors running throughout it as if it was part of the craft itself. There were etched symbols on the side of the craft -See diagram on right - and Penniston decided to tough these symbols which he said felt to him like sandpaper. As soon as he layed his hand on them everywhere became a bright light and he was unable to see nor hear anything.
Penniston fearing that the aircraft was about to explode took cover a short distance away before witnessing the craft lifting several feet of the ground before moving between the trees and then ascending and disappearing at the speed of light.
The next day Penniston was in his room when he started to see images of the number one and zero in different sequences in his mind. He new that these must have come from touching the craft the day before and he began to log these sequences into a notebook.
After logging down these codes on paper the images in his head soon disappeared and Penniston then stored this strange sequence of codes away and continued on with his life.
It wasn't until 30 years later that while talking to a researcher in 2010, Penniston happened to mention the notebook with the strange code in it. The researcher took one look at the code and immediately recognized it as Binary Code.
Jim Penniston while touching the symbols on the craft appeared to mentally download thousands of sequences of ones and zeros.
The result of long research into to these codes seemed to indicate that it was a message from scientists based in the future.
Included in the code were:
Exploration of humanity. Continuous for planetary advance. Fourth Coordinate Continuous
Origin 52 0942532 N (North Latitude) 1 3131269 W (West Longitude)
Origin Year 8100
Eyes Of Your Eyes
Conclusions therefore leads to the possibility that the Rendlesham Forest incident could well have been a visitation from the future rather than interplanetary beings. This of course is only speculation as other possible explanations exist including an alien landing or a possible Crossover In The Multiverse (But's that's a whole new topic).
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Sketch from servicemen of Craft
Sketch from servicemen of Craft
Etched symbols on the side of the craft
Etched symbols on the side of the craft