Skinwalker Ranch

'The Strangest Place On Earth'

The Worlds Most Paranormal Hotspot

Skinwalker Ranch in Northern Utah, U.S.A., has been described as being the strangest place on earth, and this description has stuck with many scientists and paranormal researchers.
Most locations that experience any kind of paranormal activity tend to experience only one particular type . Rarely is there a place that would experience numerous types of activity spanning a wide spectrum of the paranormal world. Skinwalker Ranch is one such place.
Situated close to the town of Fort Duchesne, Skinwalker Ranch has a long history stretching way back hundreds of years. The local Indian Ute tribe refused to enter the ranch and it's surrounding 480 acres of land, as they believed the area to be cursed by evil spirits in the form of shape-shifting creatures known as Skinwalkers. This is how the name Skinwalker Ranch came about.
The first documented paranormal activity at the ranch was in 1951 when a science school teacher living there noticed a large moving object pass overhead in daylight hours. This UFO sighting was also reported by a number of his school class. The teacher who went by the name of Junior subsequently followed up this report by documenting over 400 more events that would happen at his time spent living there. Junior eventually moved away from the property and there's not much known about the ranches history in the 1980's but it is known that many of these years it lay vacant.
In 1994 a new family 'The Shermans' moved in to the ranch hoping to start up a successful cattle ranch business. 'The Shermans' were puzzled as to why the previous occupants had fitted dead bolts to all the property's windows and doors. They were also concerned at the fact that they had also been fitted on both sides of the doors. Out-buildings had also been fitted with deadbolt locks.
The Sherman's only lasted 2 years on the property before fleeing. During this time they experienced many frightening events including loosing 14 of their cattle by some form of mutilation. They reported hearing clear strange voices in the air. They had numerous UFO sightings and multiple poltergeist incidents which involved objects before thrown around the rooms.
One of the first major incidents and probably the most shocking was not long after they had moved in. They noticed a large wolf like creature in a field near the ranch. They said that the wolf came over to them and seemed friendly. It even let them pet it, but they were still very unsure of it's nature. It then moved away from them and approached a young calf. Immediately the wolf grabbed the calf by its snout and tried to drag it away. Mr Sherman and his son tried to beat of the animal with axe handles but this had no effect on it. The son then grabbed a pistol from his truck and shot the wolf in the side but it had no effect at all. He proceeded to fire several more shot's but still no effect. The strange thing was that no blood appeared at the entry points of the bullets. Mr Sherman quickly went and got his hunting rifle and fired again at the wolf. A small piece of flesh from the wolf ripped of this time but the wolf still seemed unaffected by it. A further shot though did cause the wolf to release the calf. The wolf then trotted of calmly away from the ranch till it was out of sight. The family decided to follow the tracks for about a mile but the tracks in the mud suddenly came to an abrupt end as if the wolf had just vanished.
After the Shermans moved out the the Ranch and it's land went up for sale once again. This time though it did sell quickly and was bought up by 'The National Institute For Discovery Science' (NIDS).
The NIDS is a group that funds scientific studies into the paranormal. After they became aware of what was going on at the ranch they decided that owning the ranch would give them the opportunity to set up a team of scientists to investigate and study the phenomenon os Skinwalker Ranch. Two of the researchers George Knapp and Colm Kelleher reported beings coming through portals along with numerous other strange incidents.
Skinwalker Ranch has had a long and disturbing past, and could be possibly the the most paranormal location in the USA, if not the world.
Skinwalker Ranch
the old homsteads on the western side of the property

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