Trumpets In The Sky

'This Is Not Science Fiction'

For around a decade now people throughout the world have been reporting strange trumpet like sounds coming from the sky. They can happen at any time of the day and anywhere in the world. Many recordings have been uploaded on social media site's such as 'You Tube' and it is in recent time's that the similarity in the recording's has become apparent.
The sound has been described as being like a trumpet in an orchestra and witnesses say that the sound is extremely loud. In fact separate sounds have been reported 40km apart at the same time leading to speculation that these sounds are being heard over a large area.
As to what is causing the sounds is unclear. Experts are baffled, but as always' so called scientists have come up with some of their own explanations. They range from 'Atmospheric pressure' to 'Tectonic plates grinding (The earths crust grinding)'. Witnesses who have heard these sound's though, believe there is more to it than meets the eye.
So if our scientists are wrong then what could be causing this strange phenomenon. Paranormal investigators have their own theories on the sound's. They range from Aliens to 'The Apocalypse and The Seven Trumpets of Heaven'. The latter being the most alarming as in the Bible it say's that the sounding of the trumpets signals the end of the earth - The Apocalypse.
So on that happy note why not judge for yourself and listen to some of these recording's below.